Product Name Slug
ANOTHER 001 Denim Jacket another-002-denim-jacket
ANOTHER 003 Denim Skirt another-006-denim-skirt
ANOTHER 004 Denim Jacket another-004-denim-jacket
ANOTHER 005 Denim Jean another-005-denim-jean-1
Asymmetrical Sleeveless Dress asymmetrical-sleeveless-dress
Black Asymmetrical Cardigan Dress black-asymmetrical-cardigan-dress
Black Deep Waist Pant black-deep-waist-pant
Buckle Shoulder Side Pleat Shirt buckle-shoulder-side-pleat-shirt
Buckle Trench Coat buckle-trench-coat
Button Down Wrap Dress button-down-wrap-dress
Button Drape Shirt button-drape-shirt
Center Slit Leather Skirt center-slit-leather-skirt
Chapelle Jacket chapelle-jacket
Cinched Waist with Drawstring Shirt cinched-waist-with-drawstring-shirt
Cold Shoulder Peplum Top cold-shoulder-peplum-top
Cropped Bomber Jacket cropped-bomber-jacket
Cropped Drawstring Knit Top cropped-drawstring-knit-top
Cropped Folded Shirt cropped-folded-shirt
Cropped Loose Pant cropped-loose-pant
Cropped Slim Straight Trouser cropped-slim-straight-trouser
Cropped V Neck Sweater cropped-v-neck-sweater
Cuff Shirt cuff-shirt
Double Breasted Blazer Dress double-breasted-blazer
Double Draped Skirt double-draped-skirt
Foldover Waist Pant foldover-waist-pant
Gathered Puff Dress gathered-puff-dress
Half Sweater Shirt Dress half-sweater-shirt-dress
Highwaist Inside Out Skirt highwaist-inside-out-skirt
Highwaist Tie Sleeve Pant highwaist-tie-sleeve-pant
Knit Double Sleeve Shirt Top knit-double-sleeve-shirt-top
Knit Drawstring Hoodie knit-drawstring-hoodie
Knit Shirt with Drawstring Dress knit-shirt-with-drawstring-dress
Mock Neck Bell Sleeve Dress mock-neck-bell-sleeve-dress
Navy Cropped Turtleneck Sweater navy-cropped-turtleneck-sweater
Open Back Asymmetrical Bell Sleeve Dress open-back-asymmetrical-bell-sleeve-dress
Oversized Bi Color Sweater oversized-bi-color-sweater
Oversized Blazer oversized-blazer
Removable Rib Trouser removable-rib-trouser
Ribbed Corset Knit Dress ribbed-corset-knit-dress
Rider Jacket rider-jacket
Side Pleat Shirt side-pleat-shirt
Stop Knit stop-knit
Stripe Unbalanced Dress stripe-unbalanced-dress
Tapered Highwaist Pant tapered-highwaist-pant
Unbalanced Cold Shoulder Dress unbalanced-cold-shoulder-dress
Unbalanced Loose Neck Shirt unbalanced-loose-neck-shirt
Unbalanced Mock Neck Knit Top unbalanced-mock-neck-knit-top
Unbalanced Neck Shirt unbalanced-neck-shirt
Unbalanced Pleat Skirt unbalanced-pleat-skirt
Unbalanced Shirt white-unbalanced-oversized-shirt

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