Product Name Slug
Baby Blue Paneled Skirt paneled-skirt
Baby Blue Single Open Shoulder Shirt baby-blue-single-open-shoulder-shirt
Baby Blue Stripe Pleat Shoulder Dress pleat-shoulder-stripe-dress
Baby Blue Stripe Strap Shirt Dress stripe-strap-shirt-dress
Baby Blue Tie Sleeve Shirt baby-blue-tie-sleeve-shirt
Black Fringe Mini Skirt fringe-mini-skirt
Black Gathered Dress With Pin gathered-dress-with-pin
Black High Waist Pant black-high-waist-pant
Black Off Shoulder Tank off-shoulder-tank
Black Pleat Pant black-pleat-pant
Black Pleated Fitted Top black-pleated-fitted-top
Black Pleated Maxi Dress black-pleated-maxi-dress
Black Pleated Trench Coat black-pleated-trench-coat
Black Slit Skinny Pant slit-skinny-pant
Black Straight Pant straight-pant
Black Swing Pant swing-pant
Navy Belt Loop Romper light-viscose-belt-loop-jumpsuit
Navy Belted Blazer light-viscose-belted-blazer
Navy Cropped Pant navy-cropped-pant
Navy Double Pocket Dress navy-light-viscose-double-pocket-dress
Navy Foldover Skirt navy-foldover-skirt
Navy Loose Collar Jumpsuit navy-loose-collar-jumpsuit
Navy Mesh Mini Skirt navy-mesh-mini-skirt
Navy Paneled Top navy-paneled-top
Navy Sheer Pleat Skirt navy-sheer-pleat-skirt
Navy V Neck Belt Dress navy-v-neck-belt-dress
Off White Loose Collar Jumpsuit faux-leather-loose-collar-jumpsuit
Off White Paneled Skirt faux-leather-paneled-skirt
White Bedford Shirt white-bedford-shirt
White Belt Sleeve Shirt white-belt-sleeve-shirt
White Button Collar Top white-button-collar-top
White Cap Sleeve Shirt white-cap-sleeve-shirt
White Cotton Jay Shirt white-cotton-jay-shirt
White Cotton Paneled Dress white-cotton-paneled-dress
White Cotton Perry Shirt white-cotton-perry-shirt
White Cotton Strabe Shirt white-cotton-strabe-shirt
White Crinkle Asymmetrical Short crinkle-asymmetrical-short
White Crinkle Vest crinkle-vest
White Deep V Cropped Shirt With Tie white-deep-v-cropped-shirt-with-tie
White Extra Wide Mesh Shirt extra-wide-mesh-shirt
White Extra Wide Shirt extra-wide-shirt
White Fringe Cap Sleeve Shirt fringe-cap-sleeve-shirt-1
White Jane Shirt white-jane-shirt
White Oversized Cutout Shirt oversized-cutout-shirt
White Paneled Shirt Dress paneled-shirt-dress
White Pleat Shoulder Dress pleat-shoulder-dress
White Separated Cuff Shirt white-separated-cuff-shirt
White Swing Pant swing-pant-1
White Unbalanced Oversized Shirt white-unbalanced-oversized-shirt
Yellow Slit Skinny Pant yellow-slit-skinny-pant

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